3rd Thursdays: About the Program

The 3rd Thursdays MerchantArts Walk will be a monthly event in downtown Pleasanton. Every 3rd Thursday from 6pm to 9pm people will be invited into participating businesses to experience a variety of exhibited artwork. This program is a great way to bring various people into downtown each month to experience businesses, restaurants, and the beautiful downtown. In towns where the Art Walks are most successful they see “wine stroll” types of attendance each month.

Please take a moment to read the frequently asked questions listed below for additional details.

A Merchant Membership is only $15/mo.
This membership level provides you with access to the artist contact details, 3rd Thursdays promotions and the 3rd Thursdays Art Walk.

This program is titled 3rd Thursdays. Can I participate even though I’m not a downtown retail store?

Yes, this program is open to any downtown business including restaurants, offices, services and merchants throughout Pleasanton.

Do I have to find an artist each month for my business?

No, the third party coordinator, Threfethen Studios has developed an outstanding website called MerchantArts.com. Artists from all over the country will have the opportunity to display images on this site for each of you to choose from. Once you register on the site you have the opportunity to pick the artist you want to feature in your business that month. It is the artist’s responsibility to get the artwork to you. It is also their responsibility to insure the pieces against loss or damage. Picking an artist is quick and easy.

When do I select the artwork?

One week prior to the event you select your artist at MerchantArts.com. You connect with the artist through this website.

How do I display the artwork in my store?

The artwork will come show-ready, meaning it will be framed, mounted and ready to be displayed. Participating businesses are responsible for getting the store ready for the artwork depending on how you choose to display it. For example, if you choose to hang the artwork, then you will purchase the hardware and have the hooks in the walls and ready when the art arrives.

How long is the artwork displayed?

The artwork will be displayed in your business for three weeks. At that end of the three weeks the artist will make arrangements to pick up the art. If you choose to participate again, the new artwork will be arriving as the old work is leaving.

My business doesn’t have a lot of wall space and my floor space is limited. Is there a minimum amount of art required to participate?

No, you get to choose the amount of art. You can tell the artist what size space you have available and they can work with you to find art that will fit. It is recommended that you try to make space for 6 pieces. This will attract a larger amount of people to your business and keep them in your business for a longer period of time.

As a participating business what are my responsibilities?

  • Register on merchantarts.com (one time registration process)
  • Pay a $15 monthly fee to participate (fee is due each month before you select your featured artist)
  • Select your artist and send them an email through MerchantArts.com
  • Prepare your store for the displayed art.
  • Allow the artist to come to the store one week before the show to display their work
  • Staff the event and provide refreshments and snacks
  • Keep the art up for three weeks.

This event is meant to attract different people to downtown and into participating businesses. Every attempt is being made to make this process easy for both the participating business and the artist. The artist each month is your partner in the show, so you can ask them to share in the expense of your refreshments and you can determine a commission for artwork that sells while in your business.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact John Trefethen at 925-400-8190. Registration details are provided below.

A Merchant Membership is only $15/mo.
This membership level provides you with access to the artist contact details, 3rd Thursdays promotions and the 3rd Thursdays Art Walk.

To sign up manually download this PDF and fax it in.