Adrienne Allebe

Artist Statement

My most recent body of work is a visual manifestation of my response to events happening in the environment.  I am interested in exploring areas in which human interference has created especially complex, and oftentimes disturbing, transformations upon the land, sea, sky and their creatures.  I attempt to convey this phenomenon by juxtaposing “man-made” and “natural” elements within visually disorienting spaces.  Through establishing connections between seemingly unrelated forms in space, my work realizes a cataclysmic vision where forms are turned inside out and upside down, so that the viewer must look carefully in order to discern the subject.

To this end, the imagery is derived from photographic sources depicting rarely seen organisms, environments and phenomenon from the aerial, aquatic and terrestrial realms.  These natural forms are abstracted and merged with man-made forms, structures and inventions.  Endangered and threatened animals and environments are drawn and painted so that they appear to transform, disappear and reappear in order to reinforce the tenuous condition of their actual existence, which is in a state of disappearance.  Forms appear to float in and out of focus, sometimes peacefully, sometimes violently, evoking the uneasy merging of human industry and technology with natural ecosystems.

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