Paul Menard~ Waterscapes

Paul Menard~ Waterscapes

Bio~ I grew up in Livermore, Ca. with a large family with 5 brothers and three sisters. In the summers we would camp in the Sierra and cross-country ski in the winters. I developed a love for the outdoors at a very young age and soon taught myself to fly fish. This innate love for […]

Zakiyah Caldwell-Transformation

Zakiyah Caldwell-Transformation

Work Statement This series started off as a play on the cliche “All bent out of shape” but as I progressed with the transformation of each image, my concept transformed. On a much grander scale of things, life is about transformation. We all start life with mostly the same basic forms of being human and […]

Ruth Silverman- Empty Nests from Little Homemaker Series

Ruth Silverman- Empty Nests from Little Homemaker Series

Empty Nests Birds are some of our best and most creative architects, and the homes they design and build are both simple (one bedroom) and complex (think crochet) – each one a unique beauty.  Once summer arrives, the baby birds fledge and the little homemakers abandon their constructions. What remains are twiggy remembrances of the […]

Linda Hughes – Urban Accents

Linda Hughes - Urban Accents

Artist Bio Linda was born in Stuart, VA and has had a passion for photography since childhood. An accomplished commercial photographer with over 15 years experience her clients include Lockheed Martin Corporation, The Washington Post, Manassas Journal Messenger, and the City of Manassas, VA. She also has a long list of distinguished personal clients shooting […]

Steve Landeros – Views Of The Golden Gate

Steve Landeros - Views Of The Golden Gate

Artist Bio Views Of The Golden Gate is a collection of images I have made over the past year. The dynamic combination of architecture, and diverse weather makes each visit to the Golden Gate a unique experience. I have chosen this collection of images because it demonstrates my passion for the visual worlds of both […]

Zun Lee – Street Photography

Zun Lee - Street Photography

WORK STATEMENT I create street images to remind myself of how to be grateful. I tend to forget often… Most times, I focus on the human face – to me, it is the window to every human drama, big or small. The physiognomy tells the story. For me, the street is a living, breathing entity. […]

Jason Branz – Seasonal California

Jason Branz - Seasonal California

Artist Statement The natural world has fascinated me from an early age. Growing up in rural Missouri, surrounded by open land and open sky, the weather became my focus, and eventually, my passion. The weather was the first subject that prompted me to pick up a camera, and a hobby was born. My work is […]

Sage Tune-“Equine Expressions”

Sage Tune-"Equine Expressions"

WORK STATEMENT Horses are so expressive. I am captivated by the patchwork of sensitivity, power and child like essence that they showed to me. I think a lot is captured in their eyes. The horses whose portraits I shot for this project went from being fearful, to interested, to actually straining for the camera’s attention […]

Mark Rogers – Dog Days in the San Francisco Bay Area

Mark Rogers - Dog Days in the San Francisco Bay Area

Work Statement Dogs are among my favorite subjects because of their spontaneity and lack of ego. Because of this most shoots involving dogs are completely serendipitous affairs and I’m their to catch the moment. Lately, I’ve been focusing on anchoring those moments with a sense of place and this collection represents that effort in San […]

Vicki Salinas – Through my eyes

Vicki Salinas - Through my eyes

ARTIST BIO I’ve been a Bay Area resident all my life and have called Pleasanton home since 1992. I’ve always been driven to create. My decorative artistry has taken many forms from interior design to jewelry making, painting and large scale murals. My real passion is photography.  I love using my camera as a way to capture the beauty of color, shape […]

Sage Tune – “Teenage Muses”

Sage Tune - "Teenage Muses"

WORK STATEMENT This is a collection of personally sentimental portraits photographed over a period of 5 years, all before I was of legal drinking age, some 11-16 years ago. They are my collection of beloved friends, who were the muses of my early photographic creativity in our paralleled ages of carefree youth and frivolous beauty. […]

Sanctuary – Derek Ferrington

Sanctuary – Derek Ferrington

Artist Statement It is the accumulation of experiences that drives my work.  Moments felt and seen; their meaning not yet fully realized. From childhood , I have been drawn to the details of forms created around me; both seen and imagined.  It is within Nature, and with a child’s sense of wonder, that I seek […]

Structure | Design | Form – John Trefethen

Structure | Design | Form – John Trefethen

Work Statement Intrigued by simple forms against a blue sky, I constantly set out with my camera on the “hunt” seeking a new trophy to mount to the wall. This is a series that celebrates photography focusing on form, structure, shadow, texture, rhythm and simplicity. A selection of this work was recently on display at […]

Elements – Gene Frieders

Elements - Gene Frieders

Year and place of birth: b1959, Central Wisconsin Why photography? Photography is a hobby and a means to record memories of the places I have been. Through the medium of photography I am inspired to travel and step out of the box in which I see in my world.  I enjoy the challenge of shooting […]