Artist Guidelines

Okay, so you’ve created the work, now it’s time to get it shown. There are a few steps you must take to get your work installed in one of the many Merchant Galleries downtown.

By uploading your work to you immediately present your work to both the viewing public and participating merchants. Once the work is in the system it will remain their for up to 90 days (Gold Level Membership), allowing the merchants to select work they’d like to show in Downtown Pleasanton’s 3rd Thursday Art Walk.

Submitting your work to

Assuming you’ve already joined MerchantArts as one of our artists, it’s time to submit your work to the program, creating your own online gallery exhibition. Do this is quite simple and everything is explained in the tutorial titled, “How to Create your Artist Gallery.”

Please Note: If your work is selected for exhibition in our 3rd Thursday Art Walk, you must deliver or ship your work ready to hang. Therefore, it is essential that you follow our Hanging Guidelines »


To ensure quality gallery exhibitions, and simplicity of installation, please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your work for show. Installations with needs outside of these guidelines may be arranged if necessary, please contact us as [email protected] with your specific needs


  1. All work must be ready to hang.
  2. Merchants will provide an art hanging space and wall hardware. Artists please bring any additional equipment you may require.
  3. All artwork should be hung level in relation to the floor.
  4. Whenever possible, please use the d-ring hangers with hanging wire. For discounted prices on all your framing and art hanging needs visit Documounts.
  5. Do not mark the walls, or draw on them with ink or permanent marker. To create guidelines for hanging purposes, please use a light pencil line. Above all, the merchant is in charge of how and where the work will be hung. As an artist it is important that you follow their direction and use a professional attitude when working with  the store owner.
  6. In order to ensure a quality viewing experience for all patrons, we ask that you follow professional framing and hanging practices, using high quality materials and frames. For more information about where you can purchase frames at discounted prices please contact us at [email protected]


  1. Individual pieces of art should have typed labels with the name of the artwork, artist name, dimensions, medium and price, if applicable, mounted to the back of each item.
  2. If you wish to display a label along side your work, please come to your drop-off appointment with appropriate title cards. You may attach your labels by thumbtacks, adhesive, or putty. Do not use tape of any kind.
  3. For wall hung art, labels should be centered below the artwork or placed to the lower left corner of the artwork.