Artist FAQ

How much is a fair price? What should I charge for my work?

As an artist, you’re probably already familiar with what’s going on around you in the art world.  Take a look around and see what similar pieces in your medium, style, and size are selling for in the area, and price your piece accordingly.  Keep in mind, that just as in a gallery arrangement, you will be sharing the selling price of your piece with the merchant where your piece is displayed and sold.

What happens when a merchant selects my work?

When a merchant selects your work for display, two things will happen.  One, the merchant will contact you directly to work out the logistics of the when, where & how’s of displaying your work in their space.  A short Merchant Arts contract will be presented by the business owner which basically just outlines each party’s responsibility when a piece is sold.  And secondly, you will now have an art showing at the 3rd Thursday’s Art Walk!  Every Third Thursday, hundreds of people come out to downtown Pleasanton and the surrounding area to participate in the Third Thursdays Art Walk, and you will now be a part.

It’s important to remember: All accepted images submitted for exhibition must be printed and framed or mounted professionally. MerchantArts recognizes that some work is non traditional and incorporates the framing as an integral part of the presentation. To encourage participation by artists from around the world, MerchantArts offers optional economical printing and framing services. Additional details will be provided upon request.

What happens if my work sells?

Celebrate!  When your work sells, it is between the buyer, merchant, and yourself the seller, as to how and when the art and payment will actually exchange hands.

What happens if a merchant doesn’t select my work?

If within the 30-day window, a merchant does not select your work for display, it is highly suggested that you sign-up for an additional 30 days in hopes that your work will be selected in an upcoming 30-day run.

New, as well as existing, merchant participants are constantly signing-up and checking the site, and your work can be selected for future showings.  Although there are no guarantees for selection or sale, additional exposure to your work is always a plus.  Keep in mind that you may want to upload different pieces for selection.  If a merchant didn’t see anything that caught their eye on your first offering, other pieces may do just that.