Merchant FAQ

How do I become a participating merchant?

Simply click on the “For Merchants” button on the front page of this site, and you will be directed to a quick two-step process of one, registering, and two, selecting art for display in your space.

What’s included with my monthly membership?

Three things are included with your monthly membership.  One, advertising exposure via this website.  This site is visited by tons of people every month…art lovers, artists, and other merchants…all potential customers for you.

Two, you are given the opportunity to select art that you feel will best fit your business environment (or simply, your taste) for display in your space.

And three, participation in the Merchant Arts Third Thursdays Art Walk.  Every Third Thursday of the month, hundreds of arts lovers come out to participating shops and merchants in the downtown Pleasanton and surrounding area to hang out, meet new friends see old acquaintances, and most importantly become a potential customer for you.