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Artist Statement

The natural world has fascinated me from an early age. Growing up in rural Missouri, surrounded by open land and open sky, the weather became my focus, and eventually, my passion. The weather was the first subject that prompted me to pick up a camera, and a hobby was born.

My work is meant to show the beauty and power of nature. From the erosional forces that shape the Colorado Plateau, to the severe storms that rock the Great Plains, nature has put her beauty on display for all to see. These images are my attempt to capture the fleeting moments at which that beauty is at its apex.

Artist Bio

Weather has always fascinated me.  Growing up in Missouri, I always enjoyed the thunderstorms that would roll through town during the muggy summer nights.  Around the age of 15, I started taking pictures of the towering clouds and colorful skies that accompanied the stormy weather.  My passion for weather led me to a degree in meteorology and eventually a career in the same field.

After moving to California in 2001, I missed the weather quite a bit.  However, the Golden State is filled with natural beauty, so instead of pointing my camera at the sky, I focused on the landscapes, seascapes, and overall natural wonder that California has to offer.

Seasonal California

As a nature photographer, I look forward to every change in the seasons.  The early spring brings orchard blooms in the Central Valley, followed by wildflowers down south.  Summer is the season for the high Sierra, followed by the brilliant aspen color of the fall.  Winter snows drape the landscapes of the eastern Sierra and Yosemite, creating a beautiful icing on the scene.

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