Artist Mermbership

Joining & Submitting your work to

Step 1: Join MerchantArts as an Artist

Step 2: Upload Work & Post Your Bio

As an artist, you understand the value of showing your work. You also know how difficult it can be to gain access to gallery space. is about giving you the opportunity to show your work in a local business where customer traffic is a steady, everyday occurrence. Joining will allow you the opportunity to show your work and make a sale.

I’m Interested, Now What?

The first step is joining Once complete you will have 60 days to upload and modify your image gallery. During this time your work will be on display for the world to see. More importantly, you are automatically presented to the participating merchants of Third Thursdays, a monthly gathering of families and collectors in Downtown Pleasanton. During your membership period participating merchants will select featured work from, where they will then make contact with you to arrange for installation.

Opportunities for you as an artist

You will gain access to three distinct opportunities to display your art: One, via this website for the world to view online. Two, the opportunity to be chosen for actual display in a local store, restaurant, bank, etc., for customers and guests to view everyday during store hours while your exhibition is open. And three, the opportunity to participate in Third Thursday’s Art Walk centered in Downtown Pleasanton where hundreds of participants will see, and have the opportunity to buy your art while enjoying refreshments, hors d’oeuvre, and the downtown scene.

I’m Ready, Let’s Get Started

Okay, so you’ve created the work, now it’s time to get it shown. There are a few steps you must take to get your work installed in one of the many Merchant Galleries downtown.

By uploading your work to (watch the video tutorial) you present your work to both the viewing public and participating merchants. Once the work is in the system it will remain their for up to 60 days (Artist Silver) and 90 Days (Artist Gold), allowing the merchants to select work they’d like to feature in the next Downtown Merchant Arts Walk.

Artist Gold Membership
This membership level provides you with a full 90 day online exhibition (3 months) and a 12 image gallery.

MerchantArts Artist Silver MembershipArtist Silver Membership
This membership level provides you with a full 60 day online exhibition (2 months) and a 6 image gallery.

What you get… Guest Membership Artsist Silver Membership Artist Gold Membership Merchants Membership
Access to Protected Content/Discounts
Online Artist Bio
60 Day Online Gallery Exhibition
90 Day Online Gallery Exhibition
6 Image Gallery
12 Image Gallery
Featured on Participating Merchants Page
Access to ALL
Artist Contact Info.
3rd Thursdays Marketing Materials