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As a merchant, you understand the value of building relationships with your customers. You also know how difficult it can be to bring them into your store. This opportunity is about giving you the chance to meet and greet new and long-standing customers while giving them yet one more reason to come through your business on a regular, recurring basis. It’s about making new friends and making a sale.

After a very quick registration process via this site, you will be listed as a participant, as well as gain access to artist information. Once gained, you will be able to make contact with each participating artists and arrange for the installation of the artwork.

The Process is Quite Simple

When you select a particular artist for display, you will contact that artist directly to arrange for displaying options in your place of business.  Each artists is responsible for dropping off their work ready to hang according to our guidelines. If you have special requirements, you need only communicate them with each artists prior to drop off. Additionally, you and the artist will enter into an agreement that a split will be made on any piece of art sold during the show period.  And most of all, you will be a participant in the very popular Third Thursdays MerchantArts Walk which will bring hundreds of extra shoppers through your door.

So sign up today and get ready for the next up-and-coming Third Thursdays MerchantArts Walk. You’ll have beautiful art to display and additional customers to greet!

Getting Started

Okay, so you’ve heard about Third Thursdays, and you’d like to get involved. There are a couple of quick steps you must take as a merchant in order to gain access to the artists featured on this site.

By participating in Third Thursdays you’ll gain access to the features of, including access to the artists, monthly advertising programs (see FAQ page) and the vitality that comes with all the buzz going on downtown every Third Thursday of each month.

A Merchant Membership is only $15/mo.
This membership level provides you with access to the artist contact details, 3rd Thursdays promotions and the 3rd Thursdays Art Walk.

What you get… Guest Membership Merchants Membership
Access to Protected Content/Discounts
Featured on Participating Merchants Page
Access to ALL Artist Contact Info.
3rd Thursdays Marketing Materials