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Linda was born in Stuart, VA and has had a passion for photography since childhood. An accomplished commercial photographer with over 15 years experience her clients include Lockheed Martin Corporation, The Washington Post, Manassas Journal Messenger, and the City of Manassas, VA. She also has a long list of distinguished personal clients shooting weddings and lifestyle portraits. Linda has recently been submitted for a grant to work on Washington, DC’s Master Builders Program. This is an effort that recognizes African American Architects that have designed buildings in Washington, DC. If approved for the grant, Linda will photograph all the buildings featured in the program, which will become a traveling exhibit.

Linda has an Associates Degree in Commercial Photography from Northern Virginia Community in Alexandria, VA and is currently pursuing graduate studies through an on-line program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. She currently resides in Manassas, VA, just outside of Washington, DC where she is a freelance photographer and graphic designer.

Work Statement

With camera in hand, comes the freedom of expression – the opportunity to become intimate with light, form, and color. This series of images is taken in my town but could represent almost any small town in America. My image capture decisions are based mainly on quality of light. I am magnetically drawn to the glow of the late-day light and how it transforms even the most simple line, shape or texture into something beautiful. Photographing Urban Accents brought many thoughts to mind as I went about documenting the “small town America” aspect of where I live. A community needs structure. Structure is comforting. In an era of moral decay, violence, an unstable economy and so on, structure and stability are important. Watching people encounter these structures, whether eating at an outdoor café, boarding the train, entering and exiting a building, driving on the freeway, or just walking down a street, I gave thought to the importance of these structures and the part they play in life day to day. To live in a country where our structures are a safe place to be is a blessing. One only needs to look at the news to see buildings and towns blown up and destroyed resulting in unrest and fear on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

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