This month’s design comes from Sabini Design. If you’d like a shot at designing the next poster please let us know by sending us an email.

About Sabini Design:

The whole idea of my logo/brand was born from the desire of creating and showing my own identity, of learning how to grow and fill this brand with everything that represents me. It is the commercial mark of my work and maybe one day it will represent my own advertising company. For now, I’m working as a freelancer. Under this logo, I realized some personal projects, like paintings or photographs (Sabini – art&photo”), and also some graphic art projects, like posters, flyer’s or visual merchandising (the last project is Nonnis Bistro’s Christmas decoration and promo support).

What Is Your Favorite Type of Project?

I always loved challenges and projects that require a lot of creativity and originality. I’m trying to be pliable to the present situation and to use reachable materials. I try to suggest the idea of a product that communicates and shows an emotion that you can’t see every day. And that’s because our day by day life takes all of our thoughts. In this case I just wanted to ‘boost” people, to remind them that art is actually part of the quotidian and it can be discovered in the most unexpected places. For example, the original sign “More shops” inspired me to create “More ART”.

Where can we find more information about you?