Horses are so expressive. I am captivated by the patchwork of sensitivity, power and child like essence that they showed to me. I think a lot is captured in their eyes. The horses whose portraits I shot for this project went from being fearful, to interested, to actually straining for the camera’s attention over the course of the few days I was photographing them. They are vigilant, curious and faithful creatures. I enjoyed spending time with them silently making pictures at this horse riding camp site in the Redwoods of Northern California. The larger project I am currently shooting is a study of Equine Anatomy, and these are a selection of their eyes and faces.


When my mother gave me my first camera, a minolta x-700, at the age of 13,  I fell into a cavernous love affair with it and photography. I had never, nor to this date, ever felt so connected to an action and form of art so completely. Photography is something I have to do. I see the world in photographic images that I want and need to make. It makes me happy to successfully share my individual perspective with those who see my images, although I would be content to make them still, if only for myself. Photography brings me great peace and joy.

I was born and raised in Topanga Canyon, CA. I think that growing up in a relatively rural area of Los Angeles gives me an interesting balance between nature and metropolitan life in my photography. I love beautiful things. Whether it is a pretty girl in a stunning outfit or a stark reflection in a murky pond. Beauty is subjective, of course… and I love that.

Print size: Matted/Framed 11 x 14

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