Sanctuary – Derek Ferrington

Artist Statement

It is the accumulation of experiences that drives my work.  Moments felt and seen; their meaning not yet fully realized.

From childhood , I have been drawn to the details of forms created around me; both seen and imagined.  It is within Nature, and with a child’s sense of wonder, that I seek out these forms.  Nature has become a place to process thought; to make inquiries into meaning.  Here I tap the infinite that came before me; questioning the undefinable.

With patience, the visual manifestation of rhythm and energy inherent in all things is revealed. My photographs are an expression of these manifestations.  Seen and felt by me, to be interpreted, questioned, and, hopefully, felt by others.

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  1. Linda Wyner says:

    Would you care to exhibit at Pans on Fire on Thursday, November 18? Please give me a call on my cell phone (925) 200-6622 (after 10 am, please).

    Linda Wyner
    Pans on Fire
    310-B Main Street
    Pleasanton, CA 94566

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