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Laetitia Cop – Instrospectre

Laetitia Cop - Instrospectre

Artist Bio Born and raised in France, moved to San Francisco at 16. Graduated from Cal Poly with Bachelor of Architecture. Currently working as a Designer for Studio2G Architects, San Luis Obispo. Introspective painter – Painted Composition with incorporation of textures and mixed media. Translation of feelings into abstract strands. Colors are generated by emotions […]

Artist Profile: Steven A. Scroggins

Artist Profile: Steven A. Scroggins

BIO: Steve Scroggins is an award winning, internationally collected Artist working in a wide variety of materials including Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media, Collage/Assemblage, Photography and Ceramics. His experience includes Art Instructor, Television Producer, Radio Commentator, Pastor, Poet, Landscape Designer, Lyricist and Musician. He is a member of the Clay Arts Guild of North Idaho […]