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Artist Bio

A varied background including artist / designer living and working in the Bay Area.  My artwork involves multimedia such as metal, wood, paint, plaster, springs, fasteners, cables, plastic and other found objects that seem to fit the particular theme I am working on at the time.

I like the notion of balance, tension, contrast and texture as well as humor and curiosity. I am not anything close to a traditional painter.

My new pieces are somewhat large wall pieces in the 4’x4′ range that are almost sculptural in nature. I like to ‘construct’ the pieces with tools.  I like the idea of mechanisms, so some of my pieces give the idea that they function in some way or another. I am a seat-of-the-pants engineer, machinist, locksmith.

See some of my other work at or I enjoy working for specific clients who have a wall or space that needs to have an art piece. I also enjoy making mobiles to hang in some spaces. I make faucets, lighting, accessories, door hardware, or art pieces. I love to build things and create some interest where none was before.

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