Work Statement

This series started off as a play on the cliche “All bent out of shape” but as I progressed with the transformation of each image, my concept transformed. On a much grander scale of things, life is about transformation. We all start life with mostly the same basic forms of being human and over time we are molded into a form that is unique to our being. With this uniqueness, our personality appears through manipulation of our surroundings. This series of images represent just that, the manipulated transformation of paper. Each piece has been elegantly manipulated to take on a shape outside of its original giving it a unique sense of character.

About the Artist

Creativity runs through my veins! Photography has allowed me to express my artistic visions. From a young age, my siblings and I were taught to maintain our individuality and let our creative natures flow through any form we choose. Growing up making jewelry, drawing as a hobby, painting the walls of my home allowed me some type of creative outlet. Just recently completing my MBA, I decided that it was time to focus on what would genuinely make me happy and I haven’t looked back sense.

Contact the Artist

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