I create street images to remind myself of how to be grateful. I tend to forget often… Most times, I focus on the human face – to me, it is the window to every human drama, big or small. The physiognomy tells the story.

For me, the street is a living, breathing entity. When humans leave the comfort of their home and throw themselves into the street, they take on a different persona, their energy shifts – sometimes quite visibly, other times more subtly. In this dynamic, the street becomes more than a stage. It becomes an active player. And as such, our role shifts as well, from mere observer to active participant.  Street photography to me is really about conveying that energy.


People have always fascinated me. My passion for humanity eventually led me to a career in medicine. As a physician, my interaction with people manifests in a very different fashion. With photography, I am forced to express myself in a much more primordial, less factual way. On the street, moods, relationships, thoughts, and energies can change almost instantly yet there are constants in the human condition that shine through regardless of the situation. Preserving these constants in every glimpse the street offers is what eventually led me to photography.


More of my work can be seen on my Flickr stream.

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